Annette Osann - nyckelharpa & violin maker

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Annette Osann
born in 1974 in Stuttgart (Germany).

  • She began her musical education playing cello in Augsburg.
  • 1995/1998 Annette studied at the School for Violin Making in Mittenwald
  • 1998/99 she completed her apprenticeship in the Schellong Osann workshop in Hamburg, where she passed the journeyman’s examination
  • since 1998 she has concentrated on nyckelharpa making
  • 1999/2000 she worked together with J-C. Condi (Remoncourt)
  • since 2001 she has developed a personal nyckelharpa model, and during this time she has also worked in A. Meyer's workshop (Metz) and in N. Desmarais' workshop (Grenoble).

In 2007 Annette opened her own workshop in Dole (France) for

  • nyckelharpa making
  • making and restoring baroque instruments
  • common repairs for string instruments.

Annette performs as a soloist on nyckelharpa and

  • since 2005 she plays in Duo Arcangelo with Juliette Thiebergien (baroque cello)
  • since 2008 she plays in Arcangelo en trio with Juliette and Perrine Thiebergien (baroque violin and nyckelharpa)
  • since 2009 she plays chamber music together with Elise Rollin (organ)
  • since 2013 cooperation with Caterina Other, Jule Bauer und Susanne Brameshuber in "Nyckelharpaquartett"
  • 2014 formation of the Ensemble for early music of the Renaissance and Baroque era "Le Insolite Note"
  • she performs concerts with the «Nyckelharpa Network Orchestra» and the members of the «CADENCE» and "ENCORE" project

Annette teaches nyckelharpa playing

  • at the Akademie Burg Fürsteneck (Germany)
  • at the Scuola di Musica Popolare di Forlimpopoli (Italy)
  • at the "Atelier Karovan" in Dole (France).

She not only teaches playing technique, but also the basics of instrument making and instrument care.

In 2010 & 2011 she participated in the European Project « CADENCE »,In 2013 in the European Project "ENCORE"
In 2013 she attended the Masterclass with Marco Ambrosini, Nyckelharpa Ensemble, Institut für Alte Musik, Trossingen
In 2014 she attended the Masterclass with Marco Ambrosini, Early Music For Nyckelharpa, Scuola Musicale Bertinoro
(in co-operation with: Fondazione Alma Mater, Konservatorium Wien University and the Musikhochschule Trossingen Music University)

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