Annette Osann - nyckelharpa & violin maker

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Annette Osann's career is a symbiosis of nyckelharpa making and nyckelharpa playing. She performs as a soloist on nyckelharpa.
Annette interprets baroque music on the nyckelharpa and adapts the nyckelharpa to the baroque sound. She plays on a nyckelharpa with gut strings.
Repertory arranged for nyckelharpa:
Concerto for Viola, G.F. Telemann
Cello Suites, Sonata for Viola da Gamba, J.S. Bach
Passacaglia for violin, H.I.F. Biber
La Follia, A. Corelli, M. Marais
Recercadas, La Spagna, D. Ortiz

Annette plays in the following instrumentations:
nyckelharpa and organ
nyckelharpa, baroque violin and baroque cello
nyckelharpa consort (trio) and baroque cello
Ensemble "Le Insolite Note" (nyckelharpa, cello, voice, organ), renaissance and baroque era
Das Nyckelharpaquartett
Nyckelharpa Network Orchestra
CADENCE ensemble
ENCORE ensemble

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